Do Students Value Feedback? - Perception, Attitude and Practices of Students Regarding Role of Feedback in Their learning

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Anshoo Agarwal
S. Anil Mohan Rao


Feedback is viewed as data given by a source (e.g., tutor, contemporary manual, guardian, Personal incident) about features of one's achievement or perception. Feedback is one of the greatest compelling effect on learning and achievement, but this affects can be either productive or pessimistic. Its insight by students is studied by us. Our study provides an ideal survey of feedback and evaluates the proof regards to its effect on training and performance.

This proof shows that although feedback is among the major impact, the type of feedback and the way it is collected can be distinctly effective. A prototype of feedback is then suggested that recognizes the exact qualities and conditions that make it useful, and some characteristic problems are discussed, including the time plan of feedback and the effects of convincing and discouraging feedback. In the end, this survey is to use to propose methods in which feedback can be used to improve its efficacy in classrooms.

In this descriptive transversal study Medical and health Sciences students’ in a University in UAE were surveyed. Total 200 hundred students participated in the study. There were 50 students each from Medical, Dental and Nursing college included to participate in the survey. Participation with in these colleges was completely voluntary. A pre-validated self-designed modified questionnaire was adapted from the previous studies that assessed feedback of second year medical students on teaching-learning methodology and evaluation methods in Pharmacology. Questionnaire was derived focusing on three main dimensions: improvement of performance, the need for feedback and quality of feedback. The pilot study was done in 20 (10%) students to determine whether the questionnaire measured what it was designed to measure. Content validation method was used for the validation procedure.8 Answer to each question was reviewed by our experts and the necessary modifications and deletions were done to validate the questions in the questionnaire. The following validation criteria were used.


Index terms, feedback, assessment, student and teacher learning

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Agarwal, A., & Anil Mohan Rao, S. (2018). Do Students Value Feedback? - Perception, Attitude and Practices of Students Regarding Role of Feedback in Their learning. Asian Journal of Research in Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences, 2(4), 1-10.
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