Volvulus of the Right Colon: About Two Observations

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E. Seddik
A. Mahboub
M. Bendib
L. Griche
A. Khenchouche


Two patients, 42 years and 70-year-old men attended the emergency department for a sudden onset paroxysmal pain for the first patient and abdominal pains located in the flank and the iliac fossa for the second. The latter patient has not prodromes, without analgesic positions with a cessation of materials and gases, but painless. The hernias were free and the digital rectal examination was normal. The first patient (42-year-old) had no previous medical history. His pain was accompanied by food vomiting and a cessation of materials and gases, occurring for 24 hours. The general condition of this patient was preserved, but found a painful, defenseless abdomen with asymmetrical meteorism predominant in the left flank, without peristaltic ripples. The two cases were diagnosed as acute intestinal obstruction.


Volvulus of the right colon, About two observations

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Seddik, E., Mahboub, A., Bendib, M., Griche, L., & Khenchouche, A. (2018). Volvulus of the Right Colon: About Two Observations. Asian Journal of Research in Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences, 2(4), 1-5. https://doi.org/10.9734/AJRIMPS/2017/38470
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