Biochemical and Molecular Studies on the Role of Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) Extract in Reducing Liver and Kidney Toxicity Due to Etoposide in Male Rats

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Majd Almakhatreh
Ezar Hafez
Ehab Tousson
Ahmed Masoud


Aims: Etoposide (Vepesid) is chemotherapeutic drugs that inhibit topoisomerase II activity and long been used for treatment of human malignancies, where it is a semi-synthetic compound derived from the plant Podophyllum peltatum. The current study was designed to investigate the possible protective effect of rosemary extract against Etoposide -induced changes in liver and kidney functions, and DNA damage in rats.

Materials and Methods: A total of 50 male Wistar albino rats were divided randomly into four groups (1st group was control; 2nd group was treated with rosemary, 3rd group was received etoposide, and 4th & 5th groups was co- and post treated groups respectively).

Results: The administration of Etoposide revealed a significant increase in serum ALT, AST, ALP, creatinine, urea, potassium ions, chloride ions, and DNA damage. In contrast; a significant decrease in albumen, total proteins, sodium ions, and calcium ions were when compared with control group. This increased in ALT, AST, ALP, creatinine, urea, potassium ions, chloride ions, and DNA damage was reduced after administration of rosemary when co-treated with etoposide (G4), or post-treated after etoposide  (G5) for four weeks with lowest damage in G4. Also, this decreased in albumen, total proteins, sodium ions, and calcium ions was increased after administration of rosemary when co-treated with etoposide (G4), or post-treated after etoposide (G5) for four weeks with lowest damage in G4.

Conclusion: It could be concluded that rosemary has a promising role and it worth to be considered as a natural substance for protective the liver and kidney toxicity induced by etoposide (Vepesid) chemotherapy.

Chemotherapy, liver, kidney, rat, rosemary, etoposide

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Almakhatreh, M., Hafez, E., Tousson, E., & Masoud, A. (2019). Biochemical and Molecular Studies on the Role of Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) Extract in Reducing Liver and Kidney Toxicity Due to Etoposide in Male Rats. Asian Journal of Research in Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences, 7(4), 1-11.
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