The Efficacy and Safety of Primalan (Mequitasine) in the Treatment of Chronic Recurrent Urticaria

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Fathi Al-Ballali
Omran Bugrein
Iman Amghaiab


Objective: To assess the effect of Primalan (mequitazine) in the treatment of chronic recurrent urticaria.

Patients and Methods: Twenty four males (57%) and eighteen females (43%) (between ages 22-64 years) were selected, the mean age was 38 years. The disease duration was (4-12 months). All the patients received primalan (mequitazine) in a dose 0f 5 mg tablet twice daily, the urticarial symptoms and side effects of primalan were assessed for four weeks of the treatment.

Result: Primalan (mequitazine) proved to be effective against urticarial symptoms (good and very good response in 29 patients 69%, satisfactory in seven patients 17% and in six patients14% unsatisfactory). Good primalan tolerance in our patients was reported. Adverse event that is usually mild and transient and did not require the drug withdrawal (sleepiness in five patients 12%, dryness of the mucosa in four patients 9%). Primalan (mequitazine) can be recommended for chronic recurrent urticaria and wide application in therapy of allergic diseases.

Conclusion: Primalan (mequitazine) appears to be an effective and safety treatment of urticaria that is improve chronic urticarial symptoms and quality of life. This might benefit patients who do not respond to other anti-allergic drugs.

Primalan (Mequitazine), chronic recurrent urticaria, quality of life.

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Al-Ballali, F., Bugrein, O., & Amghaiab, I. (2018). The Efficacy and Safety of Primalan (Mequitasine) in the Treatment of Chronic Recurrent Urticaria. Asian Journal of Research in Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences, 5(3), 1-5.
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